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Case Study 3

Vista NW Claims Support in Action


  • Metal Working & Fabrication
  • £5M Turnover
  • 50 Employees


  • Electrical fault caused substantial buildings, machinery and stock damage
  • Immediate impact on business processes, nearly 50% of the premises affected and key machinery written off
  • A number of long term customer contracts affected, downturn in revenue/gross profit

Action of Vista NW Claims Team Support

Advised insurers of the incident within minutes of it occurring and a Loss Adjuster appointed immediately.

Vista NW Director and Loss Adjuster attended scene within hours and plans agreed to commence with business recovery plan.

Vista NW supported client in sourcing suppliers in various areas to help with the clean up and re-build.

Vista NW confirmed cover and indemnity with insurers within 10 days and a six figure interim payment agreed/paid to the client, supporting a prompt business recovery.

A number of interim payments agreed with the client and paid by insurers in the initial 2 months, enabling the client to react quickly to the impact on the business and protect against any downturn in revenue.  


Due to Vista NW’s pro-active support, the client has been able to rebuild the affected part of their premises, replace machinery and stock, whilst minimising the impact on their business.

Various aspects of the claim including machinery and stock paid out within 2 months.

The client was able to get production back up to pre incident levels, 5 months post incident.

Quick responses and regular support from Vista NW has ensured that the client doesn’t face financial difficulties and worst case, business failure.

The client has praised Vista NW for their hands on approach, ensuring all dealings were seamless and took the pressure away from them to focus on recovering their business.  Having the right cover with a reputable insurer certainly paid dividends on this occasion.   

Client Feedback

“Without the care, attention to detail in arranging my cover and fast response plus proactive support, I probably wouldn’t have a business – I wholeheartedly recommend Dan and his team”